Community Cabaret

Joyful! Noise is all about bringing people together with music.  We recognize that singing is a way to experience the joy and humanity of life, and singing together is the opportunity to create a magical experience which is greater than the sum of its parts.  Sadly, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to experience that joy in our daily lives. So, we started Community Cabaret, which is an evening every other month where people can come together, bring a song, an instrument, a friend, and just enjoy making music together. There are opportunities to sing that solo you’ve been working on, to sing familiar favorites along with the group, to try something new in the moment with the support of other musicians, or just to sit and enjoy. As is our growing custom, expect fun solo and group performances, planned and spontaneous sing-alongs, laughter, wine and munchies.

Our next Community Cabaret is a chance to follow-up our spring concert theme by singing your favorite song from the 1960’s Decade of Change. Join us on May 25th in Fridell Hall at Seattle First Baptist Church. Everyone is encouraged to come and share a song or sing-along that fits the season. We bring food and beverages to share, and each contribute $10 to cover the cost of having a fabulous accompanist available to sight read any music folks want to share.

You do not need to be a member of Joyful! Noise to be a part of making joyful noise at Community Cabaret.

How it works:

  • Doors open at 7:00.  Starting time is 7:30 PM.
  • There will be a $10 cover charge to get in, whether or not you are going to perform.
  • There are 20 performance slots per evening.  Each person or group that wants to sing, or play, can sign up for one song/performance.
  • If all 20 performance slots don’t fill up, you can perform a second time.
  • Our great accompanist Jennifer Greene will be at the piano to play along, so bring a copy of the piano music if you’d like accompaniment.
  • We also have some group sings, and you may want to consider contributing something that everyone knows and inviting a sing-along yourself!
  • Bring songbooks and fakebooks for chords if you have them, and instruments if you feel up to accompaniment.
  • Bring drinks and snacks to share, if you like.

Although we have a structure, it’s a very loose and friendly affair, with plenty of time to chat and connect with others who love to sing and play music of many kinds.

How to get there
Seattle First Baptist is at 1111 Harvard Ave on First Hill in Seattle. The entrance for Fridell Hall is off the parking lot on the West side of the building, down a few stairs, and through the double glass doors.  Parking on the street is paid until 8:00, you can park in the lot but you need to pay.
There is wheelchair access at the sliding glass doors by the church office on Harvard and call Melissa at 425-941-1399 to get in.

Mark your calendars for upcoming Cabarets

May 25th: Following our “The Times They Are A-Changin'” concert, we continue the celebration of music of the 60’s. Sing the songs from the 60’s we didn’t program in our spring concert, or sing the songs we did and wish you could have done as a solo!

August 10: Ode to Summer. Sad summer is almost over? Ready to celebrate that it’s not yet over? If you have a summer song, come sing it. If not, sing what makes your heart glad.

October 26, Our Halloween themed Cabaret. Wear costumes and sing spooky character songs, or not — anything is welcome.